“The human spirit must prevail over technology”. – Albert Einstein

Spark Ideas

To help the world envision the future of the Internet of Things, The Internet of Life Summit offers a platform for agenda setting leaders to push the boundaries on what impact emerging technologies will have in our daily lives.

Collaborate on the Future

Expect to experience a new reality where IoT and emerging technologies converge and become a world without limitations. Get exclusive access to influencers who are shaping this new economy, startups that are breaking down barriers and investors who are enabling this revolution.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is dramatically changing our world. Use of information technology to sense, predict and control the physical world has had a profound impact on how we live, operate, optimize and enjoy our lives, both personally and professionally. The market for IoT, sensors, wearables, and infrastructure, and related services is expanding at a phenomenal rate of 23% annually and is predicted by Gartner to reach $300B by 2020.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is currently climbing the hype cycle. There are daily stories about the funding and star-power behind a new VR experience; or the VR content development plans of an internet company, VR equipment start-up, gaming house or production studio. At IoL, the most creative minds and innovative technologies will meet to showcase the future of how the world will function.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is the integration of digital information with the user’s environment in real time. Unlike virtual reality, which creates a totally artificial environment, augmented reality uses the existing environment and overlays new information on top of it. Looking at the big picture for both AR and IoT tech, both  are part of the emerging transition from hype to more widespread adoption of technology that will fundamentally change how machines and other devices operate. Hear from the pioneers in this space at the IoL Summit.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence already impacts every industry, powering search, social media, and smartphones and tracking personal health and finances. What’s coming next promises to be the greatest computing breakthrough of our time, yet it’s difficult to discern facts from hype. IoL does just that – giving you the business intelligence you need in this rapidly shifting landscape.


This summit will look at robots – what could be more exciting? We’re living in a world where human interaction with AI and robotics is becoming a daily occurrence. Machines are taking over the human in our supermarkets, banks, airports, becoming part of our society. IoL will delve into the future of the robotic world.

Big Data

Big data, the tech story of a few years ago, is now beginning to show big results. The science of using powerful computers, ubiquitous sensors and the Web to crunch mountains of raw data to uncover previously invisible insights is increasingly used in businesses, universities and government agencies. Learn at IoL how it is transforming our understanding of everything from fetal development to cosmology.

Smart City

The vision of smart cities across Asia is inspiring. You don’t have to dig very deep to find numerous examples of collaborative innovation – as we’ll explore, many cities are creating templates that others can follow and are working together for a more sustainable future and better quality of life for citizens.





Last Year's Summit

Keynote speakers

Nicholas W Yang

Secretary for Innovation and Technology

Hong Kong


Founder and CEO

Hanson Robotics Limited

Charles Brewer


DHL eCommerce

Ben Goertzel, Ph.D

Chief Scientist

Aidyia Limited

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We look forward to seeing you in Hong Kong! Please note: All events and times are subject to change – check back regularly for the latest schedule and details about conference events.


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What our attendees said at our last conference

Great line-up of speakers, topics and startups. I was truly inspired!

Marina ChanDirector, Alpha Commons
In all of the HK tech conferences that I have been to since 1994, this one goes right up there at the top.
Derek KwikManaging Partner, BraveSoldier Venture Capital
Landmark event for Hong Kong.

Steve MonaghanRegional Director, Edge AIA
One of the most useful and enlightening conferences I’ve ever been to.

John ElphinstoneManaging Director, White Light Ltd

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The Internet of Life Summit will take place at PMQ, a renovated creative and design hub centrally located in in Hong Kong that showcases local talent to the community and global markets.

35 Aberdeen St, Central, Hong Kong

Click here to visit PMQ’s Website

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